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overspending and impulse control

How do people deal with this ? I gind it very difficult ive got impulse control issues because of my mental illness and i cant afford to go blowing obscene ammounts of money on things i dont need . Especially when i have more than likely got to buy myself winter clothes and new glasses and christmas n birthday presents for people and so what did i go and do spent 100 in one day in a single transaction on things i dont even need. How do people manage to avoid doing stuff like this ?! I have a bit of a hoarding problem anyway and have done for years finally thr flat starts getting sorted then i go and blow it my friend whos like a mum to me is gonna go mental wen i tell her i think as shes trying to help me eith my finances its not the first time i have messed up since shes been helping or trying to either . I dont know what to do

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