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Originally Posted by xfallenangel08x View Post
John Locke's book, I forget what its called and I cba to go look lol.

I had to read some articles by John Locke in a philosophy module that I was doing. It was so difficult! Can't believe you are manageing to read a whole book! Philosophy still gives me nightmares!!!

I am currently reading a lot. Keep starting things and just giving up because I am still really struggling to read!

Eldest By Christopher Paolini
Life, Interrupted By James McConnel
Statistics Without Tears By Derek Rowntree (For uni!)
i, robot by Isaac Asimov
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen

Then on top of that I have my other uni books
1. Accounting book for management
2. Stats book for management (not the one mentioned above)
3. Economics book
4. Psychology book and sometimes stats for psychology!

ARGH!!! Its crazy! Got so much work to do!! ARGH!!!

Does anyone else find it hard to read for pleasure while at uni?

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