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Does she just not accept a diagnosis in general like for everyone, like not believing it's a thing? Or specifically for you, as in thinking you should be diagnosed differently?

I think either way it's worrying that you don't have that continuity and people in your care team aren't on the same page. How an earth do they expect you to move forward when you have a SW who doesn't accept your diagnosis! Does she have any understanding of it at all?

I really do hope that they haven't lost your care plan you made as it sounds like you spent a great deal of time and effort on it. Maybe in future, just to put your mind at rest you could photo copy it and keep a copy if they do misplace it.

I would at least have expected your current SW to have read your latest care plan. Some do take the approach of wanting to get to know the person rather than making judgement off of notes, but it sounds like she's judging you anyway. And if you would like her to, then there is no reason for her not to.

I mean you'd expect them to know basic information like diagnosis and risks etc before meeting you!!

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