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Help/Advice on how to get help from CRHTT/CMHT

I've posted the full story on a thread in the SI and Vets boards, so I'll just put the short version here.

My MH has spiralled out of control and I'm scared. Went to GP, he agreed to a referral to CMHT but I was told it would be weeks before the ball even got rolling. Things got worse, I went back to GP. He was very concerned, told me he was referring me to be assessed by CRHTT at local psych hospital and warned several times that they would likely keep me as inpatient.

Went to assessment, spent 2 hours talking about very difficult things, then I was told to just wait for CMHT and was sent home in an even worse state than I arrived in. My partner got concerned later in the evening and got me to call out of hours GP who called CRHTT who told them they'd already sent me home and I just needed to wait.

I'm so scared about what I'm going to do next. Does anyone have any idea on how to get help because right now I'm being turned away by everyone.

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