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Little Muru's poems

Hi everyone,

I've only just discovered this creative corner here. You guys are SO creative , wonderfully talented people!

When I was visiting my parents at my childhood home I found my old book of poems. I wrote them when I was 9 - 12 years old and went through a phase of wanting to become a singer / songwriter. I have now forgotten most of the tunes, but I took the book of poems with me and have started to translate them ( they are originally written in Finish, as that is my first language).

Translating these poems of the little 9 year old me has made me feel like I'm giving her a voice. Her poems do not mention the painful experiences of the sexual abuse that she suffered when she was younger, or her father's physically less damaging but just as horrific sexual abuse that was still going on at the time of that these poems were originally written.

In fact, it seems to me that these little Muru's poems are full of hope and beauty that she must have craved for so badly at the time. And I would like to think that these poems gave her the respite and peace, and helped her through all the bad times. She did survive it, after all :)

I hope you guys like these and they give you the same feeling of hope and appreciation of small good things in our lives.

<3: Muru

Muruluisku - my big sister's pet name for me, she also calls me her little shadow because I'm quiet and followed her everywhere when I was little. I may be quiet, but happy to listen, hold your hand and hold on, riding the storms with you.

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