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Life Long Tsunami

Life Long Tsunami

There is no high ground.
Behind us the ocean stands
with its back arched,
creeping forward,
waiting to crash down on its prey.

The leviathan lumbers
slow as life
across fields and cities,
following me, or us,
steady, hulking, hungry.

The water is viscous dusk,
swirling for split moments into view
the contents of its belly;
cross-sections of homes;
the ones that fell behind,

and we remember why we run.
Faster than the days ago
when the devourer
overscored the horizon.
My folly was slow pace

in safety. Now I must run,
breathless, from danger.
And it creeps nearer,
gaping from trough to crest.
The time to rest has passed.

Closer comes the low roar
from behind; from within,
knives push their way out of my lungs.
Only my skin finds pleasure
in the thick cool mists

that reassure the foreboding
of drowning;
just more debris.
Soon will come the moment
in which I must forget running,

remember myself, and sink
into a dream, clear and warm,
where the sunrays dance
like gentle serpentine lightning
as I breath air smooth as water.

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