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Originally Posted by Dash View Post
Self awareness, self responsibility and an 'anchor' (reason to fight) for me.
This and finding the right meds.
Meds really reduced my psychotic and mood symptoms but the little bit that was left I had to take responsibility for, be self aware and find positive goals in life (like getting a job and starting studying a subject I like again). It's also good to have perseverence. For example if you do well for a day write it down and why you felt different and put it down so you know to do the same thing the next day, and the day after, ect.

I have also found self help books help.
Therapy helped a bit, but that is something you have to work with it wont help just turning up you have to do the work and believe in the work your doing.
Getting into a good routine (especially a good sleep routine).
Learning basic stress management skills.

It's also been good for me to realise what recovery is for me.
Recovery for me is not an absence of symptoms but a reduction to a point where I can manage my life and have fun. I still hear voices and have some odd beliefs but I don't let them take over my day. I listen and enguage with the thoughts if I have the time and space but if I'm busy I just put it to the back of my mind and leave it till later.

- Connecting with people daily is good for mental health too.
- putting time aside every day to relax (even if it's just 5mins)
- regular exercise helps
- eating healthy make you feel better about your self and gives you more energy
- reduce alcohol helps recovering from depression.

I use quotes sometimes to like
"Fall down 7 times stand up 8"
"You are your own destiny"

It is shard work and it takes a long time. But it's worth sticking with to be well and happy.

I'm not sure what exactly your issues are this is just a few things that helped me.

The average,
well-adjusted adult
gets up at 7.30am feeling just plain terrible.

Call me Kate.

I have dyslexia so please excuse my poor spelling and sometimes poor understanding.

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