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My mum went home yesterday so we got an early night and had a really long lie in this morning. Haven’t gotten dressed or done anything today which has been really nice. My family were all in the flat with us so it was a bit cramped.

I don’t know how to look after my well being. My therapist says I forget I have autism and don’t make allowances for it and then I burn out. Which is basically what happened this time. I know it’s something I need to be aware of but I haven’t worked out how yet.

Phoned a couple more GPs today and basically we have to get letters of refusal to take us on as patients from 3 of them and send them off somewhere and then that body will force someone to take us on. Which could be problematic because if it’s not on the bus service I don’t know how Ritzi will get there if I’m ever in hospital. Idk. It feels like nothing has been simple since we moved.

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