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You are not fake or **** stirring. What he did to you was wrong and I'm sorry this is all so raw and painful for you right now. You had no choice in telling your cc or people at work, he put you in a position where you had to tell someone, it was for your own sanity. He has serious issues. Right now you need to focus on your needs and give yourself a bit of slack - it's his actions have contributed to/caused how terrible you're feeling about everything including yourself. Do you have a therapist and access to a GP or someone who can discuss whether you need some medication (or a change in meds if you're already on something) just to see you through this? Well done for reaching out, both to the people in irl and here, it takes a lot of guts and shows how strong you really are, even when you don't feel it.

Don't be afraid, darling be brave

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