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Question regarding long-term healing - self harm scars

Hello there. I'm new to this site and was hoping to reach out to anyone else who might be going through or has already gone through a similar situation as myself.

It has been a couple of months since my most recent scars healed over completely. Their depth means a long road to a full recovery. Help groups and therapy are going fantastic, and I'm hopeful I won't continue to make the same mistakes.
My scars extend from my wrists to my shoulders. Some completely healed years ago, some still healing. I can't help but notice the condition of my skin taking an odd turn. Scars (no matter how old) are covered in large pores that look similar to blackheads, and small white bumps that look so much like a pimple that I've tried to pop them. These 'blackheads and pimples' are on upper and lower arms and are always directly over the scar.

My question is: Has anyone experienced similar things on their scars? I dont know why it's concerning me so much, but it would put my mind at ease to know someone else is experiencing the same patterns.
Outside of my therapist, I don't actually talk openly about anything self-harm related. So, my questions and concerns just sort of fester in the back of my mind. Any help, please!

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