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I hope today was better Katie, I really get having a hyper giggly mood feels like a relief at times. I hope tomorrow goes well. It does sound like you're doing really well and trying so so hard so you should be proud of yourself for that.

Ali, its good to see you around. Glad your doing ok. Also I love the dress you posted on your insta.

Hannah, How are you doing sweetie? Yes we will definitely have to meet up soon I just need a spare minute. Things feel kinda crazy busy with work and uni and things. Maybe over the easter period.

Anxiety is amazing. I feel really anxious tonight. I spent the evening with my OH and it was really nice but now he's gone and I have already spoken to him once tonight (after he left) I'm hoping sleep will come soon enough.

Hope everyone had enjoyable weekends and have a good week.

Life can be beautiful if you let it.
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