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Claire (iateallthepies): You seem to be doing really well with showing your scars in public, and being very brave! Well done :) I hope you manage to go no sleeves where you live!

Emma (LavaLamp): I hate having to ring those sorts of people, they can be so unhelpful sometimes! and for it being sucessful is another challenge too so well done!

Alex (Scardey-cat): It seems like you've been all kinds of brave recently! I hope your assessment went well & well done for passing your theory test! I passed only last month and i can completely understand how scary and stressful it can be!

Claire-Rose (Petrichor): Well done for coping with your urges and enjoying your holiday! It can be very difficult, you should be very proud! :)

Ailsa: Eating and keping down meals is very good, well done! And managing to not hurt yourself for it is a really big step! :)

Ilana: Well done for getting through your showcase!! I really hate those things and i know it can be a huge amount of pressure, very proud of you!

I was put on some more tablets earlier this week, and had lots and lots of ideas to take more than i'm allowed but i haven't! I'm also very rubbish at taking tablets, and always forget but i've remembered all this week and taken the right dose!

p.s I used both usernames and proper names (stolen from Ilana, thank you!) because i know how rubbish i am and would get it wrong one way or another... Please forgive me!

And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears. And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears...

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