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Conor, that's amazing! I'm glad you felt good about it.
LeClaire, you are a rockstar. :) I hope you had a wonderful time with miss Lillie!
Oliver, orchestra is wonderful. Glad it was a good time!
Clare, telling your parents sounds like a really good step. I hope it goes well from here and they can help you out as you need.
Kia, sometimes it's the little things that matter most. And think about what a hero you must be to him!
Emma, that is heroic! I hope it went well, those kinds of things can be all the tricky.
Alex, I hope the appointment went well! And congrats on the driving test, that's awesome.
Claire-Rose, I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday :)
Ailsa, that is most definitely heroic. Those are all things that can be struggles, and I'm so glad you managed such a good day. Keep fighting!

As for me, I meant to report this a few days ago, but I made it through my acting showcase!

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