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So I have a theory and need it rationalising..

Hey guys I'm an old member thats not been about for a while, diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder (depressive) and need someone just to be able to put my thoughts out too (not currently seeking professional help as moving countries).

So basically I don't remember any of my life up until around roughly 15/16 yrs old and even then its burry and hard to come by (I'm 24 now) - therapists think this is due to repressed trauma blah blah. But I have my own theory and it sound good in my head but don't want to seem crazy if I ask a friend.

When I was roughly that age I believe I started having my 'hallucinations' - when I looked in the mirror it was me talking to me but I wasn't saying anything in the 'real' world only mirror me would talk (sorry if that doesn't make sense). Now I'm thinking the reasons I have no memories of my past is maybe the mirror me managed to take over my body, she's a different person that obviously doesn't have the same memories as she's from a different realm/world. I don't see a mirror me any more these days, but she's in control now? But then what worries me is why is she letting me realise this now, and are we the same person? But if so how do I remember her? I'm thinking maybe soon I will see another mirror me again and they will take over making me forget about this all over again and the cycle continues? But what's the point of all that, is there something they want me to never remember? Am I in danger if I remember too much?

Anyone have similar experience? Or can atleast justify that my theory is plausible, I can see how it sounds crazy but it makes sense right? It's just something that's always bugged me how I don't remember anything as a kid! Thanks for reading this anyway.

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