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Did you ever get accommodations through Accessibility Resources (or if you've since changed unis, whatever it is called at your current school)? Having accommodations in itself is proof of disability, and the staff in that office can then help you liase with your advisor to figure out options and accommodations that work best without having to divulge specifics about your health.

to add - Another thing that you might need to consider as well, is if your mental and physical health is in a stable enough place for you to handle the stressors and workload required for the degree. If you can't do it at the moment, that's not a bad thing to admit. It maybe means you would just need to look into if going part time is an option, or just taking some time off to get to a more stable place. There's loads of different paths that exist that still have the end result of a graduate degree. It just might mean altering your plans a bit to allow you more stability and health.

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