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None of us here are life coaches or professionals. So keep that in mind.

With regards to Europe, you need a specific type of visa to work and live there if you are wanting to do more than just visit. So you would need to look into the specifics of that- generally you need an employer before moving who is willing to sponsor you for the visa. That said, wanting to visit isn't a bad goal to work on saving up for, however you choose to do that whether it be at home or in Florida. Also Europe varies a lot, and you may want to narrow that down. Things will be different country to country.

School, I would say from experience, don't go to college if you don't want to be there. You're right that if you do, it's often a waste of your time and money. You won't do your best if you are not motivated to be there. You can always go later at some point, or look into other options like certificates, adult training courses, and community colleges.

With jobs, my friend with a college degree and years of work experience just moved to a new city and it took over six months, dozens of interviews, and hundreds of job applications to get a part time job similar to the full time job she had in her old city. It's really hard to get a job. Four interviews is, unfortunately, not a lot and you'll likely need to do more to get a job. One thing you can do once you get rejections is to contact HR for those companies and ask for advice or ask what you could have done differently to be a stronger candidate.

Also with jobs, one way to test things out is to volunteer for places you may want to work. This gives you experience, and often volunteers get higher consideration for paying jobs in the future than non volunteers. It's also great to have on a resume for if your work experience is limited.

As far as moving back to your hometown, I guess it depends on your family, your feelings, and weighing your options. Things to maybe consider would be living costs, proximity to future jobs, transportation, as well as expectations from your family if you were living at home and trying to work.

I think the thing is, it's okay to not really know what you want to do. Is your family supportive? Can you talk through any of your options with them?

Also if you think a life coach or therapist might be helpful, are there options you could look into either where you live or that would be accessible online?

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