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Oh, wow, thanks guys, that's a lot of awesome suggestions! Sorry for not reacting earlier, my laptop died on me.

Auror, snuggling with a pet is great. I don't have a dog though. I have two cats but like most cats they aren't always in the mood to snuggle. When they are it's super soothing though.

Soft kitty, actually drawing patterns sounds like a great idea, as well as doing puzzles! What kind of puzzles do you like?
Unfortunately I am horrible at knitting and cooking and I fail so miserably that it frustrates me to the point of wanting to set the world on fire, but thank you for sharing.

not_so_insig, I looked into postcrossing and it sounds like a great idea, as well as painting by numbers and coloring, thank you very much!

one_step_closer, now that is one awesome list! You're a star, thank you so much, for sharing, this is super helpful! This is like a lifetime of nice activities.

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