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The Shadow of the Day
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This is my huge list, some things are personal so might not suit you but I hope there's something there that does.

Go for walk
Watch TV
Go on the bus
Browse online for books
Youtube - e.g. Miriam Margoles, Lewis Capaldi, Saturday Night Live, This Morning Funny, jimmy kimmel youtube challenge
Dot to dot
Have a shower
Colour in
Games on phone or online inc f&d board
Make a card/write to someone
Talk to someone
Read childhood book
Listen to music
Put on a film
Exercise/urban rebounding
Shop for foodbank
Go to library
Sit in cafe or just a bench
Knee exercises
Psychologist relaxation thing
MH scrapbook
Squiggly shape colouring
Lie on floor, listen to white noise, cover eyes
Loud music in bathroom
Watch Goosebumps/Kimmy Schmidt
Word game anagram thing
Browse twitter
Play with/cuddle/photo cats
Audiobook or podcast
Comic on library app
Repetitive sounds and movements
Write on arms
Head massage thing
Heat packs
Self help sheets
Hot chocolate
Look through boxes of old stuff
Online shopping
High street shopping
Listen to Matilda soundtrack
Watch Most Haunted
Plan a trip
Look through penpal book
Sit in hidden garden bit
Proper face wash/eczema care
Buy a magazine
Re-read things from past positive jars
Watch Waiting For The End video
Diamond painting
Make bracelets
Practice BSL.
Rocking chair.
Check if Wishlist books are in library.
Vote on Qwertee.

I think I have missed out some as I have different updated lists. My go to soothing when I'm really, really distressed is white noise/thunder sounds through headphones. It can then help me to focus on something like reading or colouring.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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