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I like to do things that are fairly repetitive like knitting or drawing patterns - especially good for those dark nights coming up. I also like to get my hot water bottle and try and watch something on Netflix. I don't tend to do them often, but brain training and puzzles can help a lot when distressed. Cooking and baking can be helpful too, and I like to make aromatherapy type things like candles and sprays. I've often found gentle yoga soothing too. Outside the house, I like to go for walks and take not very good photographs of things.

A friend of mine collages some amazing pictures, and another friend is really good at felting.

I don't know if any of those ideas grab you, but I hope you find a selection of activities that bring you peace. Even running a bubblebath and lighting a candle and relaxing for half an hour can be incredibly soothing for some.

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