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Originally Posted by Auror. View Post
You need to remove numbers from your post. They're against the rules.

Also, this sounds like something you really need to speak to professionals about. We can't advise you safely.

Generally as you said, you need to be a healthy weight and able to eat enough to maintain that weight before adding in any type of exercise. Then if you are adding in activity, typically that is also going to mean increasing the amount of food you eat as well to account for additional exercise.

Talk to a professional and be honest with them about things. You're posting in an eating disorder board for a reason, so I'd guess at least part of you realizes that things aren't okay.
Thank you so much for you reply and I'm very sorry for including numbers, I should have made sure to check before whether this is allowed or not. Thank you for the advice though, that does put things into better light because I think to be honest part of my has just want clarification that I don't need to be pushing myself to include much exercise at the moment, it probably wouldn't be sensible. And yes, I probably should seek out a professional for advice too, thank you.

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