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Thanks. She began the appointment by saying she hasn't had a hand over yet so she knows nothing about me so she thought it might be good to hear it from me. She asked about my involvement with services and why I've been under them and what I've had from them which does/doesn't help.

I explained the meds situation and she said she'd suggest I start taking them again and said in the meantime she would get me an appt with the psych for a few weeks time to discuss alternatives.

I know it's Christmas coming up but I was disappointed that the psych appt isn't sooner than a few weeks away but even more disappointed that she hasn't offered me an appt back to see her til the 7th Jan. Before I was being seen weekly.

She said my anxiety sounds like the main issue and needs to be dealt with and gave me a list of groups and stuff. She said it doesn't sound like I'm "ready" for psychology or anything like that yet and I have to say I agree with that.

I also tried to explain I'd been in hospital a lot and that when I'm not on my medication I get suicidal a lot etc. She didn't seem to care or even acknowledge this.

We discussed my care package and I explained it was helpful but that I felt I didn't have enough hours a week. She just kept saying that if we get my anxiety "dealt with" I probably wouldn't need more hours. Which is nonsense. It's not just anxiety.

Everytime she asked me a question and I started to explain anything, she would interrupt me continuously. She just didn't seem to listen.

The appt was only around 20 minutes.

I feel disappointed and hopeless.

Waiting now to hear back from drs re whether or not it's safe to start taking them again. Then I will make a decision about going back on them or not.

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