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My past...

Today i realised somethingg...i've treated my best mate really badly...i've only known her since last feb, but i have put her through so much stuff i dont know why we are as close as we are now

i was honest with her about my SH right from the start, and she told me she also done it which kind of helped me, and then we both promised each other we would no longer do it. i broke it twice, as the first time i broke it we promised again. then in october of last year, i got rid of it cos i needed to cut, and we both ended up cutting. when she showed me what she had done to herself, i was shocked as it was much worse than mine, and it was all my fault. she now had scars on her wrist, which may aswell have my name on as it was my fault..

i apologised at the time but i dont know what else to do, and i feel really guilty about it. she knows i love her to bits and she says she loves me too and stuff, but i feel i should be doing something else after everything i put her through. whenever i apologise, she always says she didnt hear it or something, because she says i dont need to say it. but i dont know what to do.

i dont even know what the point of this was...sorry for wasting time x x

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