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Trying to explain to people.

The problem with having a lot of friends into the same "stuff" as you, means that when you're with them,said "stuff" is always there.

A lot of my friends do drugs as a bit of fun, night out, couple of hits, whatever. Think nothing else of it.
A few of my friends don't do it at all.
A few of my friends are pretty much,constantly high.
One of them's just gone back into rehab.

It's a bit of a mesh of people really.

The thing is, I know when I'm taking stuff to forget, or to get over something, or to ignore something. I know that it's a problem. I just chose to ignore it.

None of my friends appear to have the same issue. I know you could be all "they're lying,they're hiding it" or whatever, but they're not. I've been friends with most of these people for YEARS.

I just, I have no idea how to turn around and say "This is a problem"

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