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The Forum Moderators.

The forum moderators are a team of members who work to keep the website running smoothly and maintain a supportive atmosphere. This means making sure that content posted is within the rules of posting and in the appropriate areas. Anything that can affect the running of ryl and the forums is discussed by the moderators, including rules changes, journals, and rule breaking behaviour, just to name a few.

The main method of contact is by using the post report function. You can report posts or signatures/avatars that are breaking the rules, even if you are not entirely sure. To report a post, please click the "report" button underneath the members user info to the right of the post, and write a short message regarding why you are reporting the post. This will be sent to the moderators. For more information please see Guide to Post Reporting - FAQ.

You can also e-mail the moderators at, or contact them directly via PM from the list of forum moderators in the staff listings. You will see the forum moderators have a red username to help you find them easier.

The head of the forum moderating team is Shambles.

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