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How can I cope when I leave hospital?

Leaving such a secure and monitored enviroment such as hospital can be difficult to get used to. If you have been in hospital for some time, or depending on your circumstances, you may have had day or weekend releases which will give you an idea of how you feel when you leave hospital for good. Although you are likely to feel vulnerable and fragile for the first few days, there are some ways to help.

Plan some activities to do at home before you leave the ward, but nothing too strenuous. The structure and order of being in hospital can feel very secure, so try and plan activities or get a routine in place for when you get home. Simple things like getting a bedtime routine worked out, or times for meals and snacks, depending on your circumstances, can make a big difference.

Take advantage of any help and support you're offered. Home visits, helplines, they all come in useful and are there if you need them. Telling the professionals involved in your care that you're not coping so well can be difficult, so try writing down these feelings and what's happening on a day to day basis. This will also give them a good idea of what's going on for you. Spending time with friends and family can also help ease any feelings of loneliness, though don't overwork yourself. RYL will always be here for you too.

Journalling and expressing yourself can be a great benefit. Anything creative, such as drawing, writing, painting, taking pictures, etc. can be very therapeutic. It will also be a great basis to discuss any problems you're having with the people involved in your care, although personal expressions can be private if you wish them to be.

General self care will be very important too. Trying to eat healthily and regularly, gentle exercise, getting plenty of sleep and doing your best to wash and get dressed will go a long way to helping your over-all feelings.

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