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What do I do in a mental health crisis?

A mental health crisis can mean different things for different people. For some, it will be feeling dangerous and at high risk of harming yourself or others. For others, it may be extreme and unbearable suicidal feelings. Others yet may experience pyschotic symptoms, or other things. No matter what you may be experiencing at the time, there are ways to help it.

Your first port of call if you're in immediate danger is likely to be calling your crisis team if you have one - you could also ring NHS Direct/24, depending on where you live, or go to your local A+E department and ask to see the on-duty pysch team there. If possible, don't be left alone while you are experiencing these feelings - try and make sure you have people around you until help arrives or until you can see somebody.

Time can seem to go on forever when you are feeling particularly bad, so try breaking your day up into little bite-size pieces you can handle and keeping busy, but not too much, for each piece. From 5 minute to hour long segments, it can help you to cope until you see somebody.

If you have a CMHT and it's in working hours, you may be able to call your key worker or whoever you see most regularly. If it's out of hours and a real emergency, you can see the on-duty psych team at A+E, or even ring the police if you are worried about the safety of yourself or of other people.

If you're under CAMHS and it's in working hours, you will probably know who to ring so as to get an appointment the next day. You're also likely to be able to see a duty psychiatrist at the weekend. As above, if it's out of hours and a real emergency, you can still go to A+E/police.

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