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How do I explain or open up about a difficult subject?

Sometimes, it is hard explaining something for the first time. Speech can seem incredibly scary when it comes to trying to explain something that’s been quite in depth within yourself for a while. But the kind involving your voice box isn’t the only type that can help explain things. Writing things down (amongst other things i.e. art) can also be used as a tool to out-let your thoughts and emotions, and sometimes, can be more clear than actually telling someone via verbal speech. In various situations, handing someone something you’ve pre-written can be a lot easier than it is to stand in front of them, look them in the eye and explain. Writing things down for someone has its advantages over verbal speech for both people. For them, it gives them time to take in what you’ve said to them, and for you, it gives you time to collect your thoughts and know exactly what you want to say to them. It gives you the chance to take your time while try to explain, so you tell them exactly what you wish to.

In some forms of therapy or depending on who you see, there may also be the option to express how you are feeling or things you may wish to talk about through artwork, drama/"acting it out", or some other way that your MH professional may suggest. You may even want to ask them if there is an alternative to talking that they think would help you. Professionals do understand that it can take some time to feel ready to open up about things you may have held back for a long time, and that it takes time to build up that trust. More than likely, they won't expect you to reveal many personal details in the initial assessment, for example. Everybody is different and the time it takes for them to trust is different and this will be taken into account as well.

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