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Sketchy 03-03-2018 09:01 PM

That’s scary Lillie. I hope the police help. Stay safe.


nonperson 03-03-2018 09:07 PM


zombiehunter 03-03-2018 09:09 PM

hi nonperson :-D

Aubergine 03-03-2018 09:11 PM

Hey. :)

nonperson 03-03-2018 09:13 PM

Hi, Aubergine - one of my favourite vegetables.

You really are multi tasking, Zombie!

zombiehunter 03-03-2018 09:17 PM

eggplant :-D

i'm also watching stuff on youtube

not_so_insig 03-03-2018 09:19 PM

I am waiting for casualty. I usually watch Through the keyhole afterwards but the series has now ended so I don't have anything to watch.

nonperson 03-03-2018 09:20 PM


nonperson 03-03-2018 09:20 PM

Tv is rubbish lately.

New Marvel's Agents of Shield tomorrow though!

Sketchy 03-03-2018 09:22 PM

I’m about to watch casualty too.

nonperson 03-03-2018 09:27 PM

ZOMBIE, look what I found:

zombiehunter 03-03-2018 09:29 PM

HAHA :-p

Aubergine 03-03-2018 09:29 PM

Zombie! Person!

Good to know I'm a vegetable that someone likes. :D

How are you guys?

nonperson 03-03-2018 09:31 PM

Hehe ;-)

nonperson 03-03-2018 09:33 PM

Kinda bored.

I do like the real aubergine vegetable but Tesco rarely seems to have any! I looove brinjal bhaji.... mmmm. And aubergine mini pizzas.

How're you?

Aubergine 03-03-2018 09:50 PM

Ooo brinjal bhaji so good! Never had an aubergine mini pizza. Sounds great though!

I'm alright thanks. :) Watching catch up TV and trying to figure out a craft for the toddlers to do tomorrow. We're doing the story of Joseph. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/252553491580904585/ Going to do this, I think. But with paper cups instead of plant pots and I'm going to ask them to draw something they dream about on the hearts and do some colouring on the cups, and the pipecleaners will just be made into whatever shape they want, rather than them being all neat like the picture. Should work, I think, and it loosely related...

Sketchy 03-03-2018 10:00 PM

That looks like a fun activity Aubergine. I hope the kids have fun. I’m sure they will.

nonperson 03-03-2018 10:06 PM

That looks like a cool crafty project! Is it for your 2 year olds again?

Mini aubergine pizzas are yummy. You just use slices of aubergine as the "pizza" base and add your own pizza toppings.

Sketchy 03-03-2018 10:15 PM

Ooh aubergine pizzas sound delicious.

Aubergine 03-03-2018 10:16 PM

Thanks. :) Yup, the two year olds. I'm not imagining perfection, as long as they've got something to keep them occupied that's kind of in line with the current theme then it's all good. :)

Ooo those sound delicious. I may have to try making them one day! Cooking fajitas on Tuesday. My friend is coming for dinner. :D

Anyone up to anything fun tomorrow?

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