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chinahorse 31-01-2018 05:48 PM

I should see what washing is dry and juggle things around a bit and see if I have room for my bedding but Im tempted just to do it tomorrow cos I cba to clean my bedroom rn.

Hey aubergine, you ok lovey?

Aubergine 31-01-2018 05:54 PM

Rest, Lillie! Stay warm and have a chill out.

I'm ok thanks. At Dad's for dinner. Cheese and potato pie! :D CC came this morning and said I'm having "senior moments." I am only 30!

Yo beckie! How's it going?

Cacoethes 31-01-2018 05:56 PM

Aubergine has good ideas Lillie!

Cheese and potato pie sounds great!
Don't worry, senior moments happen to the best of us!
Earlier I got up and went upstairs to have a shower, forgetting that I had just got out if the shower 15 mins ago....

I'm just going out to asda again to get fajita ingredients!

nonperson 31-01-2018 06:18 PM


Sketchy 31-01-2018 06:28 PM

Hello all.

I’m back from Asda. I think I have officially lost my marbles. I got my dad’s gift wrap for his present. I also got him a grandad card and pyjamas from the cat!

wildly insane 31-01-2018 06:35 PM

I thought you said pyjamas for your cat there sketchy

wildly insane 31-01-2018 06:35 PM

Hi nonperson, I'm Hannah, how are you?

chinahorse 31-01-2018 06:37 PM

Pyjamas for a cat would be awesome!

wildly insane 31-01-2018 06:38 PM

can you imagine them trying to squirm out of them!

Cacoethes 31-01-2018 06:42 PM

Haha! Cat pyjamas

Im also back from asda.
Fajita time!!

nonperson 31-01-2018 06:42 PM

Hi Hannah, nice to meet you! I don't want to give my name, people seem to be calling me Person though, which is amusing. I'm ok, really very tired.... and cuddling my cat. How're you?

Lorraine, I always sign birthday cards to my family from my cat!

not_so_insig 31-01-2018 06:44 PM

My cat had to wear an elizabethan collar. He hated it so much that he spent half his time trying to get it off.

nonperson 31-01-2018 06:47 PM

Shakespearean cat?

Sketchy 31-01-2018 06:48 PM

Your poor cat Dawn.

Haha, no the pyjamas are for my dad from the cat. Molly would not tolerate pyjamas.

Hannah, you can call me Lorraine.

not_so_insig 31-01-2018 06:53 PM

It was his own fault as he kept on making it worse by constantly scratching. At least he was spared a trip to the vet by having the collar on before it got infected.

nonperson 31-01-2018 06:55 PM

Oh I was thinking like a proper collar like Shakespeare wore! I've always called them buster collars. Or cones of shame. No cats like wearing them.

Sketchy 31-01-2018 06:56 PM

Poor kitties. Molly would claw it off.

nonperson 31-01-2018 07:01 PM

That's why you tie it on!

My cat has to wear one usually once or twice a year. He's always getting in scrapes and needing medical attention. =/

Anyway, I'm off to do some cleaning.

Sketchy 31-01-2018 07:02 PM

Hope the cleaning doesn’t take too long Nonperson.

wildly insane 31-01-2018 07:21 PM

Haha, one of our cats has a flea allergy, but luckily never had to wear a collar. He looks like your cat photo Lorraine, is that Molly? Both ours are all black.

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