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alex328 14-07-2018 06:40 AM

I think my ex was abusive/toxic?
I think my ex was a bit abusive or toxic? They have bpd, and they would ignore me for hours/all day then go back to taking to me like nothing happened and wouldn't tell me why, after we broke up the first time when they were trying to get back together w me they were saying how bad they felt and how they should kill themself and they selfharmed and showed it to me, and asked if I could forgive them for leaving, I ended up friends w them for a few days before they kept dropping hints abt dating again and how they missed being together said things that made me feel bad and we starting dating again for a while then they left me again after repeatedly ignoring me again, and I feel like they manipulated me to get back together? And when I was w them I felt rly worthless and unwanted to/by them? I didn't rly think abt it then but I keep thinking abt out and i'm just, not sure.

hgyal 15-07-2018 04:01 PM

I can relate and it does sound like you were in quite a toxic situation. It's often easier to see these things in hindsight rather than when you're actually living it.

The positive is that by acknowledging it, you will be able to recognise these behaviours in the future and remove yourself from other potential toxic relationships and situations.

indigorose 29-07-2018 06:35 AM

Sounds very manipulative. I had a similar situation with an ex that was actually cheating the entire time.

I'm glad you're away from that individual now.

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