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Shy_Bambi 10-11-2017 01:13 PM

I shall call my unicorn Jeff

Buttons. 10-11-2017 01:14 PM

And mine will be Stephen.

[Luna] 10-11-2017 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Buttons. (Post 4141213)
^ So it's settled. we're getting jet packs and going to Mars.

Let's do itttttt!!!! :squeeee:
My unicorn will be called Carl!

Buttons. 10-11-2017 01:24 PM

We have the coolest unicorn names ever.

[Luna] 10-11-2017 01:29 PM

We do indeed. So do we put the jet packs on the unicorns or ...?

Shy_Bambi 10-11-2017 01:31 PM

We'd have to sit on the jet packs then D:

Buttons. 10-11-2017 01:37 PM

No the unicorns with jet packs hold up the whale. We have our own jet packs. Get with the programme!

[Luna] 10-11-2017 01:37 PM

Ok ok, just clarifying the plan dude lol.

Shy_Bambi 10-11-2017 01:39 PM

Gosh I'm such a liability you sure it's okay for me to come with you xD I'll get us lost! We'll end up on a planet not even charted by humankind

Buttons. 10-11-2017 01:39 PM

*takes deep rainbow coloured breaths* ;p

Buttons. 10-11-2017 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by Shy_Bambi (Post 4141224)
We'll end up on a planet not even charted by humankind

That sounds fun! We could name it ourselves!

Shy_Bambi 10-11-2017 01:43 PM

I hereby name this planet whaletopia

Buttons. 10-11-2017 01:49 PM

That is the best name I have EVER HEARD.

*fires up jet pack*

[Luna] 10-11-2017 02:21 PM

To Whaletopia! *strikes a superman pose*

Cacoethes 10-11-2017 02:31 PM

Good lord!
I go away for 5 minutes and youre all jet packing to a newly discovered planet!

[Luna] 10-11-2017 02:54 PM

Grab a unicorn loser, we’re going flying!

Cacoethes 10-11-2017 02:56 PM

*gets on unicorn*

Shy_Bambi 10-11-2017 03:14 PM

Welcome back Beckie! You're just in time to join us! You should name your unicorn

Cacoethes 10-11-2017 03:15 PM

My unicorn shall be named Gregory

[Luna] 10-11-2017 03:18 PM

Excellent unicorn name!

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