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Bluemonkey 17-01-2021 03:17 PM

Discharging from CMHT?
Iím new to this so I apologise if I post something I shouldnít, or if Iíve managed to post in the wrong place!
Iím a little stuck at the moment. Iím currently under CMHT in the UK, and have been in services for a decade now. Iíve sort of reached the point where I feel Iím unable to be helped because Iíve tried many different medications, had different therapies etc over the years and if anything, as time goes on Iím just getting more and more unwell. Iíve been diagnosed with BPD for a long time, and have been diagnosed with bipolar type 1 more recently.
I was wondering, what would happen if I told my cpn I wanted to be discharged from CMHT? I know she will be against it, but I just donít see what more they can offer me now. Iím currently on section 117 aftercare, I donít know if that has an impact as to weather I can discharge myself or not?
I just feel like thereís no hope left for me to get better anymore, so their time should be spent on someone else who actually has a chance.

Cacoethes 17-01-2021 03:19 PM

Hi there
Welcome to ryl!

I discharged myself from my last cmht so it is possible
No harm in asking your cpn

yoyogirl 18-01-2021 12:36 PM

But as you have a got a number of illnesses I think it would be worth having them available and regular appointments as someone to turn to when things get rough or when you relapse and perhaps it's bearing in mind that therapies and meds are just strategies to assist you in the same way as having a long term physical illness. It's up to ensure you eat well, manage stress, reduce smoking, and react to situations.

It's also about symptom management and finding ways to cope with the illness by looking at ways in which it rears its ugly head, are there certain triggers that set it off at work for instance or at home?
Do you have a symptom diary it's worth keeping a log in your phone of where, when/why, etc, and looking at what you can do to prevent/reduce the severity.

Iamcatbug 18-01-2021 03:04 PM

No harm in asking and seeing what they say. They may advise against it though. Do they know how you feel about it all?

Alternatively would you be able to ask for a break for a while from therapy?

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