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one_step_closer 06-11-2019 05:14 PM

Yeah, that does sound so scary and overwhelming. You are fighting so hard right now. Is your case manager a stable/consistent kind of support for you at the moment?

Auror. 07-11-2019 11:16 AM

They are being super nice and we seem to be seeing them a lot and they are replying to emails at least. We are very grateful. They came to our apartment yesterday. They said time might not be making sense because the time changed and that on top of losing time might be making things confusing. We told them about the first bad date which is soon but they said they do not work that day and just try not to be dead which is not helpful. They have so many rules and so many things that are not allowed and it is really overwhelming and it is not making anything go away. We are really glad they are being so nice.

one_step_closer 08-11-2019 01:42 PM

Do you know what would be helpful, if being told don't work that day and try not to be dead isn't helpful? I'm glad that they are being supportive of you and seeing you/replying to your emails.

Auror. 08-11-2019 08:43 PM

I don't know. Having so many rules and things that are not allowed is really overwhelming in itself and is making me feel trapped. I also get that they are allowed to have days off. I don't know. They were nice this morning and helped figure out getting out of bed to do the things that need done. But then did not reply to my asking what is going on next week.

one_step_closer 09-11-2019 10:47 AM

Are you finding you're needing a lot of reassurance and guidance from them at the moment? Where else could you get your reassurance and guidance if they're not available? (Including how could you get it from yourself if possible?)

Auror. 09-11-2019 11:43 PM

They said to reach out to L if I need support until they are back on Tuesday. Otherwise I am supposed to snuggle with my dog and spend time with her.

Not okay. My mom keeps bringing up the date and wanting things.

one_step_closer 10-11-2019 01:46 PM

Does your Mom know how these things affect you? Do you have things you can occupy yourself with to get through to Tuesday?

Auror. 10-11-2019 07:39 PM

My mom should know given I have told her every year previously not to do that and I find it upsetting. I ended up getting last minute work stuff for Monday which is not ideal and not a client I love but it is also money so I could not turn it down.

one_step_closer 11-11-2019 10:25 AM

I'm sorry your Mom doesn't seem to be very sensitive about how things are for you. Will you be ok to do the work stuff? I hope you can do something nice for yourself too.

Auror. 17-11-2019 12:51 AM

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who replied and gave hugs and kindness and support. I'm either going to close or delete this thread, currently undecided which but until I decide I've put in a request for the thread to be closed. Until the mods can close it, please do not reply further and clog the boards.

Thanks <333333

Pi.R^2 17-11-2019 01:09 PM

Closing at your request.

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