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chinahorse 05-02-2019 07:06 PM

I called the psychiatrist secretary today and she had no clue and was going to contact the psych so no further forward. Care Co still hasn't contact me.

Just got a message to say my therapist assessment appointment is confirmed for 5th March. I'm close to tears.

Auror. 05-02-2019 07:28 PM

Remember February is a short month, so really 5th March is 28 days away. It might be they had to set you an assessment time and then have put you at the time of the cancellation list? So last resort the 5th March is the latest it will be, and if they can arrange sooner, they will. But they still had to list/give you something set?

Will you be able to get off work for it?

chinahorse 05-02-2019 09:31 PM

It's a ridiculously long time! 3 days shorter than a normal month. That's it! I'm seriously upset.

Auror. 05-02-2019 10:12 PM

I'm sorry you are upset. I didn't mean to invalidate you. I hope you can figure out something sooner.

one_step_closer 06-02-2019 07:31 PM

Is there something that could be put in place that would help while you're waiting for the assessment?

chinahorse 07-02-2019 07:00 PM

I want someone to talk to.

And my brother is having surgery for appendicitis right now.

And my fibromyalgia is bad today.

And one of the wounds is very badly infected.

And I'm tired.
I just want someone to care.

tamobhuuta 07-02-2019 07:08 PM

Hi. I care. Not sure I can help but I care. Has anything good happened today? Is there anything good you are looking forward to? Even just sitting down with a cup of tea. It's not going to cure you, I know that.

chinahorse 07-02-2019 08:22 PM

I have good things probably but right now nothing seems ok or good.

I made some people laugh today which was good I suppose.

This life seems pointless. I am hopeless.

I'm meant to be going on duloxetine and coming off sertraline. But I don't kow how I'm meant to get the duloxetine. It's not on my repeats and there's still no way tk get in touch with my care coordinator.

tiptoes 08-02-2019 01:01 PM

Could you contact your GP surgery to see if they have received any requests from your mental health team about the new medication and if not they might be able to chase up the request?

Would keeping a list of small things help? I know it doesn't help with the feeling bloody awful but sometimes reminding myself that there are some moments in the day where I'm human and not confined by the feeling dreadful is helpful - the comment about making people laugh just reminded me of it.

You aren't hopeless but i know how hard it is when that is all you feel. Sorry I don't have any good words of advice.

chinahorse 10-02-2019 05:43 PM

I tried to sort out the meds thing by contacting the gp. We shall see if it's worked come monday.

The little things don't seem to be enough. I know that it's ment to help but it just seems to reinforce how pathetic my life is.

I feel very down today. My cc still hasn't contact me. I wanted her help to sort the meds thing. It seems I've been forgotten about and swept under the carpet again. AGAIN.

I feel so down. There's no light at the end of my tunnel. I do want help but I'm not getting it. Im scared I'm going to cut badly.

one_step_closer 11-02-2019 07:53 PM

Did your meds get sorted today? I know what you mean about little things not really helping, I think sometimes even when you put them all together they don't make a whole influential thing when you feel like there is so much pain and darkness in life. Hold on to the little things though, maybe there will come a day when it is the bad things that are small and the good things that are bigger. Have you heard from your CC? Is your GP quite good with your care? Maybe they could try and advocate for you with the CMHT etc.

chinahorse 11-02-2019 09:12 PM

Meds were sorted thankfully.

Work was absolute hell. And I'm exhausted.

It's mainly my care coordinator that is letting me down which is really sad as I let her it my life. The cmht at large are trying but I feel let down. I find the health service just close ranks aroundeach other.

I just want to curl up and never ever move again.

one_step_closer 13-02-2019 08:06 PM

How are you getting on with the med changes?

I know what you mean about not feeling properly supported by your CC, they are an important part of your care so that's not great. Has there been any progress?

chinahorse 13-02-2019 08:22 PM

The meds changes are making me so ill. I can barely eat so I've got a drs appointment for Friday.

No progress. Never any progress.

one_step_closer 13-02-2019 08:26 PM

How are you managing to work when you're feeling so unwell? I hope the doctor can offer something helpful on Friday. Will you be mentioning to your GP the stuff about your CC etc again?

chinahorse 13-02-2019 08:44 PM

I am scraping myself through. If I eat small tiny high calorie bites I can just about keep going. I don't have the choice to not go. The stomach pain and profuse hot sweaty flushes aren't fun at all. Nor is the not aleepi g properly. But like I said no choice.

I don't know if it's worth mentioning to the gp? I mean cc hasnt replied to me after the psychiatrist asked her to.

tiptoes 14-02-2019 09:36 AM

I think it is definitely worth mentioning about your cc to your gp.

Sorry the new medication is making you feel so grotty. I hope it passes soon or your gp has a useful suggestion. Thinking of you.

one_step_closer 14-02-2019 11:54 AM

Please do mention it to the GP if you feel able, hopefully if people keep pestering your CC something will be sorted out.

Do you have time for rest and breaks at work?

chinahorse 14-02-2019 11:57 AM

I shall mention it to my gp then. Hopefully something will come of it.

No time to do anything at work other than work. We are chronically majorly understaffed so end up running round like headless chickens.

one_step_closer 14-02-2019 07:13 PM

I hope it goes well with your GP tomorrow. Will you be able to take some time tomorrow to rest up too?

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