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helper1218 13-06-2007 11:01 PM

The Safe Room
This is the safe room. It’s to feel safe from abuse, bullying and other cruelties from others. Many people who’ve been abused and severely bullied feel much younger than they are. Here it’s safe to act like a little child and play, use baby talk, suck your thumb, ask for cuddles/comfort, etc.

Everyone is welcome. No one will be turned away for age, gender, sexuality, race, or anything you've experienced. Sometimes there's no one in the room, but if you really need someone leave a message and soon enough someone will come on if you need a friend. Just remember to be kind and respectful to everyone, and that will be returned to you.

We have a nice cushy couch, rocking chair, stuffed animals and toys and blankets and bottles and pacifiers/dummies and anything else you need to feel safe. Then there’s a playground outside with a bunch of stuff like swings, slides, climbing frame, etc and a swimming pool. We've also added a nice bedroom with a bunch of cool beds (to be seen on page 127).

There’s no hitting or shouting or unwanted touching, and nothing frightening or mean. Just be kind to everyone
and you’ll be comforted if you come here. *hugs to all*

Please refrain from swearing, using rude language or arguing with others in this thread as it can be very triggering to others in a safe place.

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:17 PM

O_O thats sounds amazing!

ghosts in the machine 13-06-2007 11:19 PM


*curls up on the couch*

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:25 PM

*wraps blanket around Alex and gives her Teddy and a kiss on the cheek*

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:27 PM

..u guys know each other... *stares at floor*

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:29 PM

hi toothpaste I'm tracie, what's your name sweetie

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:31 PM

hiya tracie >.<

..i'm rachel.. or sum people call me greg

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:33 PM

Lol, I see the great connection with the nickname there. Would you like anything Rachel-Greg? :)

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:36 PM

my nickname came about in a car journey, when bagel described me as toothpaste cos i an go through/squeeze into small spaces which i look too big to go into lol...

umm... dunno....

why you ill? (if u dnt mind me asking, can be kinda nosey sometimes <.< if i am just tell me to disappear...)

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:42 PM

Hah, that's funny. And it's okay you can ask questions. I just got my wisdom teeth out and my mouth's still a bit sore. And you can get cozy in here in you'd like with anything we have to offer. *new friend hugs*

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:44 PM

i just wanna run round in circles.... did liek the whole half of your face go numb? cos thats like a really weird feeling...

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:47 PM

Sure, you can run around outside the area we have. :) And I think it did go numb...my memory of being in the dentist is actually really fuzzy because of the anesthisa. (however you spell it)

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:49 PM

ohh.. hmm ok.. hey we should paint clouds on the ceiling!

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:53 PM

=D Great idea! I actually forgot to mention that because in my original idea I had clouds on the wall! You reminded me withotu even knowing! *drapes sheets over everything and hands out rollers and brushes and paint* Let's go nuts!

toothpaste 13-06-2007 11:55 PM

yay *starts painting ceiling* >.< can we add something to the clounds to make them squishy?

helper1218 13-06-2007 11:58 PM

You dip a squishy sponge in the white paint before you put it on the wall, that gives it a fuffy appearance. *takes your hand and helps your make a squishy cloud with the sponge* See :)

toothpaste 14-06-2007 12:01 AM

lol.. yay... hey do u paint clouds often?

helper1218 14-06-2007 12:07 AM

Yea, I've painted them in my basement and bedroom. ;) I need to go eat dinner, you can keep painting and I'll be back later sweetie.

toothpaste 14-06-2007 12:11 AM

*finishes* i'm gonna go night night soon, its like 00.12 here n i got college..

...but hope u have nice food and a good day etc and cya soon

helper1218 14-06-2007 12:26 AM

Night honey, have sweet dreams. *hugs*

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