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akita 12-01-2019 12:30 AM

Lexapro (Escitalopram)
I've been taking Lexapro for 4 weeks now and on Tuesday my doctor increased it from 10mg to 20mg and 2 days ago I was really hungry and ate far too much. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them whilst they have been taking it? Is it a side effect? It's the first time I've taken this particular medication.

Unbreakable. 14-01-2019 11:14 PM

Did you check the leaflet to see if an increased appetite is listed as a possible side effect?

Krayon 15-01-2019 11:43 AM

I have taken Escitalopram for around 8 years now. I have found weight gain but i think it was down to a different medication. I didnt notice a weight gain when i was on it alone. I hope this helps.

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