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Cacoethes 26-04-2013 09:45 AM

Giving up smoking again!
Starting today, I'm going to try and give up.

I gave up for a year until a couple of months ago when I started again.
I'm treating it as a blip and am determined to stop again!
I haven't had one today so far. I'm going to be irritable as hell though!

So please, spur me on, and if I have a cigarette, someone please come and hit me with a wet fish.

FabulousMike 26-04-2013 09:58 AM

What a quitter :P

I joke, you can totally do it!

Cacoethes 26-04-2013 10:01 AM

Trust you Mike! You're such a troll :p

Heartbreak Kid 26-04-2013 10:21 AM

*hits you with a fish*

At least I didn't try to set you on fire this time. :P

Buttons. 26-04-2013 10:37 AM

Go you!!! I'm also trying to reduce using my electronic cig.

griddlebone 26-04-2013 10:44 AM

I need to give up too!

Isoverity 26-04-2013 10:52 AM

I quit for a year once and went back then I quit for good. Never miss it

Harley's Dad 26-04-2013 01:38 PM

It's actually easier than you think, believe me. The key thing is absolute mental determination - without that nothing. If you really want to do it you can. There are millions of reformed smokers out there, all of whom gritted their teeth and went for it; they were not some sort of super human creatures, just ordinary people like you and I.

Smoking is highly dangerous - I lost three friends to lung cancer (13 times as many smokers die of it as do non-smokers and it's a highly unpleasant way to die). It's also ridiculously expensive. But it's obviously highly addictive.

Final word of advice: once you've started to stop (Irish!) don't be tempted to allow yourself "just one more". Stop cold turkey - either you're a smoker or you're not. There are no half measures.

Guess how I know so much about it? But it really is possible. Good luck!


Revival 26-04-2013 01:54 PM

2 weeks ago today after 10 years of smoking I decided I had had enough and put my cigarettes where they would be hard to get to. I haven't gone back to them except to throw them out. I don't miss it at all and won't be going back.

You need to quit because you really want to not because you think you "should"

Good luck Beckie if I can do it anyone can! :thumbup:

FabulousMike 26-04-2013 01:56 PM

Sorry, i have to.

Cacoethes 26-04-2013 02:20 PM

Thanks for the encouragement everyone ^.^

Lana, you are only allowed to hit me with a wet fish if I have a ciggie, not before :plain:

Well done to all the people who have given up and trying to give up! :D

Mike. That is a rather appropriate meme!

Heartbreak Kid 26-04-2013 02:50 PM

I couldn't hear you over the noise of that fish smacking your face.

offlineforever 26-04-2013 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Alpha Bitch (Post 3559709)
At least I didn't try to set you on fire this time. :P

:blink: :blink: I worry about you Lana.

Beckie, I hope that the stopping is going well.

raspberry_swirl 26-04-2013 03:00 PM

Good luck!

Cacoethes 26-04-2013 03:03 PM

Thank you :)

Yeah, I wasn't too worried about Lana and her lighter. I've had rather a lot of experience with fires and I seem to have become desensitised ;p
She wouldn't have done it anyway *pokes*

Heartbreak Kid 26-04-2013 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by Ytak (Post 3559817)
:blink: :blink: I worry about you Lana.

I'm nurmaaaaaaaaaaaal.


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 3559821)
Thank you :)

Yeah, I wasn't too worried about Lana and her lighter. I've had rather a lot of experience with fires and I seem to have become desensitised ;p
She wouldn't have done it anyway *pokes*

Nah, I'm way too scared of you to even try to. :P

Anyways, I hope the quitting goes well. I know how incredibly hard it was on Conor and hope you will get throug it ok. <3

Cacoethes 26-04-2013 03:18 PM

Haha! Good to hear :p

Well, I managed ok last time. Although I wasn't allowed outside for months so that probably helped! XD

raspberry_swirl 26-04-2013 03:26 PM

Maybe chuck out everything that reminds you of smoking? That helped one of my friends.

Cacoethes 26-04-2013 03:37 PM

Thank you! Those are good suggestions. I'll get rid of my lighters :)

Its a bit of a routine. Get up, have a cigarette, get to train station, get off train, get off bus etc.
I know that medically, smoking doesn't help stress, it actually raises your blood pressure. So the logical thinking might help. Also, after 3 days, the physical addiction is gone and its purely psychological, so that thought could help too!

The War Doctor 26-04-2013 05:11 PM

Good luck Beckie! I quit smoking a couple months ago and although I have had the occasional slip-up since then, for the most part I've managed to stay away from them. As you know already it's tough, but you can do it!

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