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Darkwings44 18-12-2019 09:19 PM

Christmas is coming.......
My cousins will be coming to my moms house and I will have to be there too and Iím not sure if i can deal with them without having another breakdown or self harm........:crying: ........

Pi.R^2 26-12-2019 01:24 PM

Hello, sorry you didn't get any replies to this before Christmas, how did it go? Are your cousins still there?

Darkwings44 31-12-2019 01:49 PM

Thats okay......
it was hard for me but I didn’t self harm though......... but they hurted me......... :crying:

Pi.R^2 02-01-2020 02:43 PM

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. Do you want to talk about it?
Well done for not self harming though!

Darkwings44 02-01-2020 11:01 PM

no...... i just wanna cut everything away but it seems like i cant because of what i dont have witch a tool to do it with.........

Pi.R^2 04-01-2020 08:28 AM

I guess that is your choice, but remember that in the long-term, cutting doesn't make anything actually better.

Darkwings44 05-01-2020 09:35 PM

........Im sorry......... right before the abuse happened I disconnected from my mind

Pi.R^2 06-01-2020 09:02 PM

You don't need to be sorry.

How are you feeling?

Darkwings44 09-01-2020 10:23 PM

.....thank you *safe hugs you*

i dont know how i feel......... i lied to my therapist and kept telling her that i was happy and that my cousins werent there...... because i dont trust my therpyist at all....she just doesnt belive me when i tell her stuff she allways uses the excuse of it being not real.... god i hate her!!

Pi.R^2 11-01-2020 06:57 PM

You are welcome *hugs back*

Oh gosh, that really doesn't sound like you have a beneficial relationship with your therapist at all! Do you feel like that could be repaired or is it maybe worth looking into trying to get a different therapist?

Darkwings44 16-01-2020 11:59 PM

im trying to get a new one but thats going to take time....

Pi.R^2 23-01-2020 09:10 PM

Well I hope it doesn't take too long and that you get on better with the next one!

Darkwings44 23-01-2020 10:10 PM

me too....

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