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Doikers 20-08-2010 09:43 PM

Taz!! I spots you *Hugs* How's your mouth now ?

taz35 20-08-2010 09:45 PM

*gently hugs Helen's side* Have you tried applying heat to it? I would definitely suggest seeing a doctor soon if the pain doesn't let up. That way at least you'd have one less thing to worry about!

*hugs Mark* Sorry to hear you're struggling. Don't worry about apologizing too much... although one of my friends does it all the time and drives me insane :P My mouth is still swollen and sore, but not as bad as earlier! Although my back pain has returned... =/ I've had it for over a week but I'm too stubborn to go to the clinic.

*hugs April* Try not to take advantage of being allowed to slip up. Yes, it cuts you some slack... but it's more just so that you don't feel as guilty if you do... is this making any sense? Probably not :/ Just keep fighting it as best as you can <33

*hugs Lindsay* How are you?

*hugs Nicole*

nicole94 20-08-2010 09:57 PM

*screams, cries and throws things.* i ****ing give up. ive had enough

one_step_closer 20-08-2010 09:58 PM

I'm feeling kind of low. My brother is moving out on Sunday so i'll be living on my own without any friends nearby either. I think it will just be an excuse for me to self harm and overdose more.

one_step_closer 20-08-2010 09:58 PM

*hugs Nicole* What's happening?

nicole94 20-08-2010 10:00 PM

*hugs lindsay* my friends making up **** about me and saying i said stuff when i ****ing didnt.

Louise 20-08-2010 10:02 PM


Doikers 20-08-2010 10:11 PM

*Hugs Nicole*

*Hugs Lindsay* Try not to S.I. and OD more when you live alone , I live alone and I know that it can be a real struggle but it can be done . Sorry if that sounds patronising I didn't mean it to.

*Hugs Louise and hands over a tissue for the tears*

nicole94 20-08-2010 10:14 PM

*hugs mark.* i dont know what im doing.

Scarletdreamer 20-08-2010 10:15 PM

What's up, Louise, hon?? *cuddles*

Nicole, sweet, I'm sorry that your friend's doing that... :( Well, "friend," if you get what I mean. :( That really bites. I wish I could help you more... *huggles*

Mark, struggling with SI?? You haven't talked much about yourself lately. *cuddles* And it's okay, I have the same "sorry" thing that I do... it drives people close to me crazy. I only say "sorry" a lot when I'm dealing with sensitive topics... at least, I think, lol. But still, I understand the urge to say it. Heh.

Laura, Hels, how are you two? You've been pretty quiet lately. *hugs gently*

Taz, glad you're around the ward more, even if you're not feeling the best physically. Maybe you should go and see someone about your back?? *cuddles gently*

Lindsay, I hope that you manage to stay safe. Speaking of which, how are you doing today?? *gentle hugs*

Julie, Crimson, JK, Kahlia, Oliver, Kat, everyone I missed (so sorry - this is why I don't list out names!!!!), how are you all?? *big gentle bear hugs to each of you*

Doikers 20-08-2010 10:24 PM

Yes April , struggling with S.I. :( I just want it to be gone ! Getting mad urges and alcohol cravings too which are just mental but feel physical , make sense? Sorry for the whiney post..........

shadowedsoul 20-08-2010 10:44 PM

Cuddles all. Hmm I'm okay, I'm okay. Curls up and hides.

Scarletdreamer 20-08-2010 10:54 PM

Somehow, Jill, sweetie, I don't believe you. *cuddles gently* What's up??

Aww Mark, I'm sorry. :( I wish I could take away your urges... *cuddles gently* And yeh I understand the mental urges feeling physical thing. Sadly. I remember it all too well... SI does that too, haven't had it with alcohol as I've never drunk (literally). Anyway. (Am NOT saying I am better than you or anyone else who struggles with alcoholism or drug addiction or anything similar... just saying I've not experienced it.)

Blah. :(

nicole94 20-08-2010 10:58 PM


Scarletdreamer 20-08-2010 11:03 PM

*hugs Nicole gently* How are you, love??

nicole94 20-08-2010 11:06 PM

*hugs april* im fed up. home alone and having a lot of OD thoughts :(

taz35 20-08-2010 11:58 PM

*hugs Nicole* Keep trying to fight off the thoughts. Is there someone you can call and talk to, or invite over to keep you company? Don't give up <3

*hugs Lindsay* I get what you mean... that really sucks :( Do you have things to do to keep yourself distracted? Or somebody you can call if the urges get really overwhelming?

*sits with Louise and offers tissues and a cuddly teddy bear*

*hugs Mark* :( I wish I could make your urges disappear...

*finds Jill and gives her a big hug* Anything on your mind?

*hugs April* I know I should... I think I'm going to give it a few more days, and then finally give in. I still have the painkillers from my surgery, so I'm using those partly for my mouth and partly for my back... but once they run out, I don't think I'll be able to ignore the pain any longer.

Sorry all, I've been whining a lot about my mouth lately. I'll shut up now.

(On the positive side... I bought a new chair for my room, spent about an hour trying to assemble it. Will post pictures tomorrow)

*leaves care packages everywhere*

nicole94 21-08-2010 12:08 AM

*hugs taz* im home alone and everyones too far away and its too late anyways :( im trying to stay distracted

shadowedsoul 21-08-2010 12:10 AM

Huggles all.April, taz it's being a stressful day, and I'm kind of gearing myself up for an even stressful day tommorow. Feeling low but trying to put on a brave face, got really stuiped thoughts going round my head. Really want to act on them. Even if I wanted to cut I can't as I'm going to sharing my room with someone. Really want to hide and cry until I can't.

April was I that obvice I wasn't okay.

MammaMia 21-08-2010 12:26 AM

*cuddles everyone lots* Sorry we're all struggling so much.

Today's been, how can I put it, difficult. Well majority of it was, however, I don't want to go into why, because one of those things that need to stay between me & the other person involved. Don't think I'm being rude :)

The pain's much much better, still there slightly. But it's cope-able. Going to an RYL meet tomorrow, haven't been to one since late March or whenever it was, when I met a fellow warder, Oliver :D

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