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Harley 27-02-2007 04:51 PM

What & What Not to Post / How to label threads in this forum.
What to post/ what not to post in the Self Injury Discussion forum.

What to post in the Self Injury Discussion forum
  • Posts asking for support regarding your self injury.
  • Posts asking for support in recovery from self injury.
  • Posts about any form of self injury (i.e. cutting/burning/hair pulling and other forms of self harm.)
What not to post Self Injury Discussion forumIf you see a problem or have a question about the Self Injury Discussion forum, you are more than welcome to contact the moderators. The main moderators for the Self Injury Discussion Forum are Amaryllis and random.swirls, however any moderator can be contacted. (see staff listings)

Thanks :)

sherlock holmes 06-04-2007 06:50 PM

How to label threads correctly in the self injury discussion forum. [please read].
[This board is here so you can talk about your self injury. As this board will contain threads about self injury, please keep in mind that most, if not all threads will possibly trigger.

There is a positive recovery post label, for when you feel you have done something positive and towards recovery.

If you need to post about other issues, such as an eating disorder, substance abuse, or abuse, please make sure you use the correct boards.

Please remember to abide by the RYL rules, and tipsharing is not allowed.

If you need first aid advice, please post in the first aid forum.


The forum moderators and the community team.

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