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BreeLovesStephen 17-06-2009 06:57 AM

Tell Us Your Useless Facts
Tells Explains All.
Tell Me Your Useless Facts.
1.2.6.How Every Many You Want.

I'll Start;
It's 12:54AM in NewYork
GreenDay is playing in the Background.
Boredom is soo over-powering :0

Your Turn!!

h8red 17-06-2009 09:19 AM

1. i have 5 rubiks cubes
2. i have more than 2 months straight playtime of music on my computer
3. i love..D Scrubs *crys
4. i have had around 11680 injections in my life
5. the last 2 times i went to KFC i have been food poisoned


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