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Srr2230 24-03-2020 05:03 AM

I can't continue like this
I feel like i can't do it anymore.
I have been struggling with suicide for four years, but I can't find the will to do it... It has only gotten worst, I self harm and it recently has gotten out of hand.
The only reason I am alive is because of my little brother, but I feel like I am just postponing death.
I feel down most of the time, and there is a boy that i hear and sometimes see that is constantly speaking bad things to me, and he doesn't shut up. He makes me paranoid, but I talked with my therapist and he told me it was completely normal, but he has been louder than usual and hard to ignore. He tells me to self harm and I do other stuff, and I don't know if it is normal, or how to shut him up.
Recently, A memory came back to me, I think something triggered tje memory, but I remembered my grandpa touching me unnapropiately when I was little (about 8 years old), it is still a bit unclear, but I been having nightmares about that, and I just don't know how to handle that.
I think that was my final straw

Auror. 27-03-2020 01:33 AM

It sounds like you have a lot going on. Postponing death, no matter how silly the reason may seem, is never a bad thing. You mentioned having a therapist? Do you feel like they are supportive, and can you mention the other things to them as well?

Twisted Fate 28-03-2020 11:41 PM

Sometimes just having one reason to live is worth it. I've been in that dark place so many times in my life and usually it's just one thing that's important to me that keeps me going. Hold on to your brother, it seems like he is worth living for.

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