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Sad Fork 05-06-2015 06:40 AM

Lost. Reviews Please
The Reaper of Death, the Taker of Souls.
Walking paths,
which we'd never see even our shadows.
An immortal of this world,
one indeed I've gotten close with,
Lets my wings rise and unfurl,
and unlocks the windows open.
Giving me strength unheard of,
and infinitely powerful,
My body soars to the top,
crushing the beliefs of the doubtful.
Flying away now,
to another special place,
There are no obstacles as,
my soul bears no weight.
In the right mind of space,
I control the time as my own pace,
Walking to the rhythm of my own rebellious take,
Realizing the blame is not of my fate,
rather the person I see,
When I peer into the frozen lake.
Deep in thought, starting to concentrate,
I see before me now,
An ending I did not anticipate,
As I run through the valley of my sins,
I cannot calculate,
how many people do not comprehend.
About the lives we attack, are the same we defend.
Contradictions and paradoxes,
Allowing our minds to focus through one lens,
Making choices, apologizing later for our remarks and mocks.
Two eyes open, seeing the light, feeling cleansed.
Taking to others, our forgiveness and amends.
Perfection is not when,
one has nothing more to gain,
But achieved through giving everything, when nothing is left.
Leaving behind, the marks of struggle and perseverance,
Through the darkness of the most forgotten legends.
We sit in our ancestors presence.
What would they think of us now?
Ask the question to Death,
An honest answer, is his vow.

Emotional Panda 01-07-2015 01:01 PM

I like it, it's very good. You have skills. ;) Keep writing!

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