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Cacoethes 18-11-2017 06:54 PM

Hope you enjoy yourself katy!
Takeaway is always a win!

Im not actually that hungry (makes a change!!)
But i will have something at some point
Cheesy escalopes sound yummy!

Sketchy 18-11-2017 06:59 PM

Casualty isn’t on until 9.10 pm tonight. I prefer it when it’s early.

Buttons. 18-11-2017 07:04 PM

That sounds really tasty Lorraine! And thankyou.

Thanks Beckie :)

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 07:05 PM

I prefer it when its on early too
Although now i do have time to squeeze in a 3rd x men film!!

Sketchy 18-11-2017 07:08 PM

I’m going to watch my mad fat diary on all 4 until casualty comes on. Might make dinner soon. I’m getting hungry.

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 07:13 PM

That was a good series!

Ive just put some soup on

Sketchy 18-11-2017 07:16 PM

Yum. What kind of soup?

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 07:19 PM

Swede, carrot, onion and potato again.
Its one those ones in the bag that you just add stock to and cook on the stove
Im getting hungry now!

Sketchy 18-11-2017 07:21 PM

That sounds good. I’ll need to start making soup again. It’s ideal in this weather. I have an odd craving for noodles. I must buy those next time I’m in the shop.

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 07:27 PM

I love noodles
I have the mug shot chicken and sweetcorn noodles that I bring for lunch at college.

I can hear a strange ticking type noise but i cant identify what it is. Its annoying and freaking me out!

Sketchy 18-11-2017 07:36 PM

I like the mug shots.

I hope the ticking goes away soon. I get freaked out by strange noises too, so I do sympathise.

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 07:43 PM

The ticking seems to have stopped!
I mainly worry that the boiler is going to explode or something.
I am really jittery around anything gas.
I can't use any gas cookers or anything and when we had to use the bunsen burners in college I was panicking so much and was convinced i could smell gas!
Im a bit of a weirdo tbh

Sketchy 18-11-2017 07:49 PM

You’re not a weirdo. I’m the exact same. I constantly worry about my boiler.
Glad it’s stopped though.

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 07:53 PM

At least its not just me
Sucks to be so anxious about it though

Sketchy 18-11-2017 07:56 PM

I know. It does suck. I’ve phoned my dad many times needing to be reassured that nothing is going wrong.

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 08:15 PM

I just sit and quietly panic because part of me knows I'm being irrational but I have been very close to calling 999 about it before!
Im similar with electrics. The upstairs hallway light has been out for almost 3 years because im too scared to change it!

Sketchy 18-11-2017 08:36 PM

I’m ok changing lights, although my height makes it difficult! But I’m terrified of leaving electrics on. I have to check everything properly at night before I go to bed.

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 08:38 PM

I do the same.
Nothing can be left on!

Sketchy 18-11-2017 09:41 PM

30 minutes until casualty!

Cacoethes 18-11-2017 09:47 PM

Not long to go!!!

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