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yoyogirl 06-07-2019 11:37 AM

Desperate to start M and Y
As you know I have trying out the whole nootropics situation, as I am literally with focus, concentration as I feel that these things are letting me down and stopping myself from doing well at colleges and I got sick n tired of being told "it's your dyspraxia that's causing your focus issues, there's nothing we can do" and things being really hopeless with it or to be "it's just due current predicament or due Fibromyalgia," but no remedy for it.

I had tried listening to soothing music while working, mediating and does help a little bit but doesn't give me the same effect and even drink a cup of coffee, improve sleep and exercise and the effects were will still quite minimal. I have already developed a huge tolerance for coffee anyway, I drink cups all the time for years and years.

But I really at a stage where I want to officially give M or V a try for a month to see what happens from my psychiatrist.
But how can mention it to Dr Kate without her automatically assuming its just "dyspraxia" "depression-related symptom" or "situation related, just needs a few friends and job bs" and without her knowing that I have actually tried M and ordered elsewhere and used a few while I was on my access course I 2008-2009. If I tell her that I have ordered M and been using it on/off it could off my supply... and then affect my further studies and bring back into the same cycle and since using the M it worked sufficiently well, no issues, I have got a lot done while I was at college and paid attention to my tutors the whole time I was there. I also found that when I was on them my motivation was 100%, I wanted to engage more with the material, stay up late and get stuff done regardless and I never felt "sleepy" apart from around 5 -6pm (when its considered normal) and around 11 pm ready for bed and I was able to pull myself away from social media and disengage myself from unproductive activities. I rarely used my phone anyway apart from Spotify, Youtube, alarm clock, Hold, Forrest, Wunderlist, and Evernote.

So that is where I am at the moment if anyone can help me?

Pi.R^2 07-07-2019 10:13 AM

I don’t know if I’m missing something but I don’t know what you’re talking about? Are M and V particular medications that you want to be prescribed?

yoyogirl 07-07-2019 11:26 AM

Yes they are I explained in other posts that these can be used for ADHD patients and they really want them prescribed for myself. So I finally show my true potential and essentially get things done with ease rather than it take all week to write a few words etc. I would like to be able to concentrate as if I was the average joe blogs going about every day life and the sense of going back to something after a small ten minute minute break.
When I was using M (through other channels) I felt alive, like I got smash out that assignment, spend a long time working on something and get a lot done.
Whereas the rays the days is have used it and the days prior to it it would take ages to settle, get up every few minutes and stay interested in the task and not deviate or think about other things until it is done�� also while on it felt I was more stricter with myself. I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at my social media accounts until well after everything was done.

I would give myself permissions to play a game watch Netflix once it was done and bs extremely rigid to avoid slacking off, like being school or work environment. Of course while on M i did have breaks a book or watch something on tv but it was instantly going back to the task it wasn’t like I was years ago prior to it where you got me to do something, lose interest do something else and then never come back to it till the next day or so when I next bothered/cared about it. “You’ve had your ten minutes of fun, get your ass back to that project for Myrtle” and I found that I no longer wanted go on on Facebook or forums all day

not_so_insig 07-07-2019 09:36 PM

Do you have adhd? Generally speaking it's very dangerous to take medication for conditions you dont have. Unless you have ADHD no psychiatrist in the land will prescribe the types of medications you want.

yoyogirl 07-07-2019 10:31 PM

I don’t know, it’s been suspected for a long time I had assessments to suggest I do from previous colleges. But I have found that my everything feels like the average joe when I’m on them. I feel like like if wasn’t if I didn’t have any issues back with everyone else.
For example a couple of days I got done a lot of study materials for a online course in one hit and usually I would put it off and get into state because I’m 5 minutes before the deadline. But this time, I was like no you are not going to do that and I took M and did over the course of the day and had enough time to submit it and some time to chill at the end of the day..
No extension required.

yoyogirl 07-07-2019 10:42 PM

I know what I’m going is dangerous and I have tried to not do it but I have felt dodo unproductive with a brain that feels foggy 24/7, I don’t want feel **** when I’m doing stuff, it’s been lovely to be interested in music again, it’s been lovely to watch full move or tv show, to read that book and not be just scrolling through social media apps all day m. It’s been lovely to be able to get something completed and that’s what I’m gong to mention when I see my doctor.
I’m going to say that it’s taken me since 2008 to and complete a degree and I’ve never completed a full project at home, never really had full interest in some and kept at like dance, I got endless unfinished projects sitting on my to do list, unanswered emails, letters that I have not written and books that I have got past the second chapter. It would take ages to be on task and focus..

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