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AntisocialAngel420 19-09-2014 06:39 AM

Childhood Abuse Affects Adults?
I was recently told that I was molested when I was about 3 years old. It only happened once and I wasn't told who did it. I don't remember anything about it. I've suffered from all kinds of psychological problems for as long as I can remember, including self-injury, depression and anxiety. I also remember a lot of weird behaviors as a child and some I still exhibit now; some that I have read could be indicators of childhood abuse. I guess I'm wondering if being molested one time as a young child could explain some of my problems...? It's kind of a relief to think that I might have a valid reason for being as messed up as I am. Otherwise, I'm really not sure what to think about this information. Any help, stories, or advice would be really appreciated!

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