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Your avatar is the picture to the left hand side of every post you make.


Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a personís weight and height. While it is often considered that a high BMI is dangerous, a very low BMI can also lead to a variety of problems and should be avoided. BMI is defined as an individual's body weight divided by the square of their height.


Abbreviation for "be right back". Often used in Live Chat.

By the way


When someone posts in a thread - usually an old thread - to bring it back up to the top of the page, it is called bumping.

Closed Thread

If a thread is closed, it means that there can not be any more replies. Only moderators have the power to close threads - however, threads will be closed by default if they have not been replied to in over 3 months. Threads may be closed if an argument occurs.

Damn Cat

Originally used as an excuse for self harm.


Abbreviation for the "Events and Meet Ups" board.


Eating Disorders


Abbreviation for "For The Win". e.g. Orange juice FTW - meaning orange juice is better than any other type of juice.


Abbreviation for the "General Support and Advice" board.

In my honest/humble opinion

In my opinion


An Overdose, either on medicinal or recreational drugs


Abbreviation for "Oh my god", often said sarcastically as OMGZ.


A post is a member's written response to a thread. Many posts make a thread.


Your postbit is the whole section to the left of every post you make, including your name, avatar, and join date.

Quoted for the truth


Abbreviation for "Recover Your Life".


Abbreviation for the "Serious Discussion" board.


SH is Self Harm. Self Harm can be defined as deliberately causing harm to oneself for a reason, e.g. punching things, or drug / alcohol abuse. SI is self injury - directly injuring yourself by cutting, burning or anything similar. Self injury is a form of Self Harm.

SI disc

Abbreviation for the "Self Injury Discussion" board.


Your signature is the text / pictures that come directly below every post you make. You can learn how to make a signature here.


A sticky is a thread that is so-called because it is "stuck" at the top of one or more forums. Stickies often contain important information.

To be honest


A thread is a "string" of posts. There are many threads in a forum.


Something which could "trigger" someone to self harm. If someone is triggered, it means that they are wanting to cut, often because they have seen something triggering. Threads about self harm that go into detail about self-harm are often marked "triggering", to tell others that they should be careful whilst reading, or stay away altogether, if they are in a fragile state.


A troll is someone who joins a site solely for disruption - i.e. to break the rules, or upset other members.


Abbreviation for "welcome back". Often used in Live Chat.


A short hand expression for "thumbs up". Derived from the emoticon shortcut used on Windows Live Messenger.

Sea Pink Aroma
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