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What are the forum categories?

There are five types of forums on RYL - General, Open Topic Support, Specific Support, Advice and Recovery, Veterans and Member Only - each consisting of a number of relevant boards. As their names suggest, they all have very different uses - there is a short description under each board category to explain what they're for.

What is the buddy system?

The buddy system allows you to add people to your "buddy list", which makes it easier to see if they are online, and access their profile. You can add someone to your buddy list from their profile, or from the drop-down list that appears when you click on someone's name in a post they've made.

You can access your buddy list from the "Quick Links" drop-down list. If someone online is on your buddy list, they will have a + after their name.

Your Buddies are also the only ones who can view Journal entries you set as 'Private'.

How do I change my avatar?

You can change your avatar by going into "Control Panel", and then "Edit Avatar". It can be up to 100x100 pixels in size, and can be animated.

Please make sure the avatar you choose stays within RYL's rules - and nothing too triggering please :)

How do I change my signature?

You can change your signature by going into "Control Panel", and then "Edit Signature".

Please ensure your signature stays within RYL's rules, avoid making offensive statements and try not to make it triggering :)

Why do some people have different coloured names?

In the forums, forum moderators have red names, and chat moderators have green names. This is to help you find them if you have a problem.

Can I customise RYL's forum layout?

If you find yourself confused at the number of forums, and get fustrated at forums you never visit getting in the way of the ones you do, then you can now completely customise how RYL works for you.

Here's how!

Go to your User Control Panel, and then to Edit Options (on the left)

Scroll down to the bottom of that page, till you see "Forums To Exclude From View"

From there, you can specify which forums display for you by selecting those forums you want to exlcude. To select multiple forums, press and hold CTRL key while clicking on the forum titles. To clear exclusion, select "Reset Exclusion" without holding CTRL key.

What are "hugs"?

If you look in any thread in one of the Support Forums, you will find a button that says +hugs+ on the bottom-right corner of the first post. By pressing this button, you are giving "hugs", and your name will appear underneath the post [along with any others that have pressed the button] to say that you have "hugged" the thread-starter.

The "hugs" system is there to show you care, even if you don't have any advice to give at that moment, and is designed to try and stop short replies consisting of only "*hugs* xx".

I don't like a thread, can I remove it from view?

Yes, you most certainly can. This can be done with the Ignore Thread feature, which can be found under the Thread Tools menu in every thread.

This is ideal if a thread particularly triggers you, and you don't want to be reminded of it, or if you have had an argument and wish to forget about it.

What are moods, and how do I change mine?

The mood system is something which allows you to display how you are feeling, or your current whereabouts. This can be changed by going to the 'I am currently ...' bit on the top right hand corner of the screen, and clicking on the mood in order to open a drop down menu of different moods (all the most common ones are on here so there is likely to be something which represents how you feel). You can then select which mood is most appropriate for you. Once you have selected a mood, this will show up next to all your posts and in your profile. You can change your mood any number of times to suit however you are feeling.

What does the "Quote +" button do?

The "Quote +" button is for quoting several posts at the same time. If you click the button on every post you'd like to quote, they will turn orange. Then press "Advanced reply", and the quoted posts should appear there.

What does the "Report" button do?

In every post, there is a button that says "Report" at the bottom of the postbit. When clicked, this button sends an alert to the moderators along with a link to the post. Members are encouraged to use this button if a post breaks the rules.

What is an RYL sponsor?

Some people have "RYL sponsor" written below their names, in their postbits. This means that they have donated money to RYL, and therefore help pay for the running costs of the site. If you would like to sponsor RYL, see here.

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