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Abuse and Bullying Board

Here, you can get advice on any type of abuse or bullying. Please remember to label threads accordingly.

Eating Disorders

The board for people suffering with any type of Eating Disorder. Please remember that this is a recovery forum; do not post any pro-ED material.

First Aid Advice

As the board title says, this is where threads specifically needing advice about first aid should be placed. There are a number of first aid advisors on RYL, who are around to help. There is a sub-forum for first aid information and articles - remember to check them before you post because you might save yourself some time waiting for replies.

General Support and Advice

In this forum, you can get advice on any day-to-day problems you might have - such as school, work or relationships. This board should not contain any triggers.

Mental Health Discussion and Support

This is the board for the discussion of mental health, hospital and questions about disorders. There are two sub-forums; grief and trauma support and support for substance abuse.

Moving Forward
This board is a place where you can share your journey of recovery and celebrate your successes in recovering from your self harm and other difficulties.

Ranting / Venting Forum

If there's something you need to get off your chest, then this is the place to put it. Replies are disabled in this board, so you will be able to reply to your own threads, but nobody else's. However, you can still give hugs on this board.

Serious Discussion

This is the place where the most triggering and graphic threads go, as well as the ones that need urgent replies, to help you get the support you need.

Self Injury Discussion

The title explains this board well if you need support about a self-injury related issue, or you have any questions, post here.

How do I maximise my chances of getting replies?

If you post on a support forum, you'll definitely get replies, although the amount of replies you will receive will vary. There are numerous things you can do to try and get as many replies as possible - such as writing in paragraphs, not using text talk and giving as much background information as possible.

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