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What are chat moderators?

There are numerous Chat Moderators, who are there to help you and make sure the rules are followed. You can tell who is a Moderator - their names are automatically bold and at the top of the list. If you have any problems in chat, they'll be able to sort them out for you - although it often helps if you give them a copy of the chat log.

What are forum moderators?

The forum moderators are a team of members with the power to lock, edit and delete threads and posts, and also warn and ban members if needed. They are here to help, and to maintain the supportive atmosphere on RYL. If you see anybody breaking the rules, contact a moderator whose names are in red and they will do their best to sort it out. For more information on them please see this link -

How do I contact the staff?

You can contact any of the chat or forum moderators here.

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